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I usually don’t feed into this kind of negativity and it has taken me a long time to respond because I don’t want this person to think they’ve been successful at getting a rise out of me, but I think I should warn other sellers. I asked the buyer to please let me know when the Rose Knitwear sweater I sold her arrived and to let me know if they had any questions or concerns, since I only aim to satisfy my customers and always do my best to make amends whenever there is something wrong, such as paying for dry cleaning, giving partial refunds, etc. Instead of doing this, the buyer wrote a negative review filled with hateful hyperbole without even giving me the chance to stand up for myself or make it up to them. If they had contacted me with their problem like I had asked, I would have been more than willing to make it right. So, 1. I find it extremely unlikely her roommate would of had an asthma attack and that she would get sick simply from being in the same room as this sweater. The reason why is because I in fact have asthma so severe that I take 3 different pills including a steroid, must take a shot every other week, and use 3 different inhaler just to control my asthma, as well as have a nebulizer by my bedside at all times in case I have a particularly bad asthma attack, and I wore this sweater multiple times, so I explain how it didn’t put me in the ER? 2. At the time the buyer bought the sweater, the area in which I live was surrounded with massive wild fires, fires so bad they turned the sky ORANGE. That, is no exaggeration. Instead of considering that everywhere California was on FIRE, she immediately decided blaming me and writing as scathing review was the better option. 3. Knowing this, I washed the sweater I was selling to her along with another similar sweater I was selling to someone else on Kei Market, and then as soon as they were dry, I sealed them in plastic bags, and packaged them up. Explain why the other buyer had nothing but nice things to say, said I packaged it securely, and that it only smelled like detergent. Both of these sweaters were stored in the same place, washed the same way, packaged the same way, and shipped the same day. So explain why the other buyer had no issues and this buyer seems to have some weird vendetta against me? 4. Rose Knitwear sweaters often go for $60-$200, and I only charged her $40 plus shipping, and she claimed I should have charged her less for a sweater that she admitted herself didn’t have any physical damage. I already charged her a reasonable price since I hate scalping people, and this is what I got for it. 5. IT CLEARLY STATES in both my terms of sale and my invoices that my boyfriend smokes outdoors, but is not allowed to smoke indoors 1, because if my asthma, and 2 because we would get evicted. He does not smoke near my valuable j fashion and lolita clothing and I store it all in vacuum sealed bags that are in sealed plastic bins. So to say she didn’t know there was someone who smoked in my house and didn’t know where to find that information is 100% untrue. I call shenanigans. Sellers beware, this person will attempt to ruin your reputation just because they can. Don’t waste your time or energy with them.
- meganletti (Seller)
Negative (11/22/20) Rose Knitwear Brand Pastel Rainbow Sparkly Fairy Kei Sweater 11/22/20
Great buyer! They asked me to hold until they could pay and did not fall thru. Great communication!
- minarikoneko (Seller)
Positive (01/30/19) *RESERVED FOR fawndearie* BTSSB Snow Dot Ribbon in Pink 01/30/19
This was my first time doing a payment plan. The exact payment plan schedule got kind of messed up and there was a bit of a miscommunication but everything was paid by the due date. There were also some issues with shipping because the package actually became lost at one point! But the buyer always had a positive attitude which I think is an important thing in these kinds of situations. Thank you again for your purchase!!
- swingsethero (Seller)
Positive (01/18/19) Whimsical Vanilla-Chan Round JSK 01/18/19
Awesome to work with, we did a payment plan and she kept up communication! Would sell to again, lovely buyer!!!
- Koukibi (Seller)
Positive (10/30/17) Angelic Pretty ☆Candy Sprinkle Salopette☆ 10/30/17
Great seller! Thank you so much. Was very reasonable, nice, and shipped quickly.
- Pancewearer (Buyer)
Positive (09/18/17) Teddy Bear Baker in Pink (Reserved for Pancewearer) 09/18/17