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Bought a few items from this seller 2 years ago now and still have not received them, she keeps selling more items but still won’t send mine out and is now ignoring my messages, if anyone sees this I’d appreciate it if you could send her a message asking about my order. She offered me a discount on a new item so bought this around the end of last year and haven’t heard anything back since Rose if you read this can you please send out my items it really hurts to see other people getting theirs when I really put my faith and trust in you. I thought I would’ve been the priority after such a long wait, it’s really soured my experience in this fashion as a whole. Sorry I had to do this but it seems wrong that anyone else could go through the same thing I have and that doesn’t sit right with me
- reicheru (Buyer)
Negative (05/21/21) IW 2007 Key Embroidery Blouse in ivory - S size| Innocent World, Crown, Embroidery, Roses, Flower, Long sleeve 05/21/21
The wristcuffs were perfect. They just took really long to arrive and I was afraid they got lost on the way. Then I was contacted by the seller apologizing for the delay in shipping...
- Schokomilch (Buyer)
Positive (05/16/21) BTSSB 2012 Stripe Ribbon Torchon Lace Wrist Cuffs in pink | Baby the stars shine bright 05/16/21
Great seller and item arrived in beautiful condition. :)
- mermaidgrey (Buyer)
Positive (04/30/21) IW 2003 Chemical Lace OP with Tie in sax| Innocent World, Old School, floral, rose, Long sleeve, blue 04/30/21
This seller kept me informed for when she made it to the post office and updates. I was looking for just a little package for a ring but they had it packaged so well in a special box! Thank you so much because it’s perfect.
- Tea_kitten (Buyer)
Positive (04/08/21) AP 2017 Dress Up Tea Cup Ring in navy | Angelic Pretty 04/08/21
Perfect and friendly seller! Items came packaged securely, would buy from again!
- sugaredwishes (Buyer)
Positive (03/31/21) AP 2009 Logo Star Charm Wrist Cuffs in pink | Angelic Pretty, bow 03/31/21
Like the tag says, this was a very neutral experience! Everything came as promised and the dress is gorgeous. As other people have said, communication was on the slower side after payment, but when the seller did respond they were very friendly and clear with instructions. I would work with them again, but perhaps just make sure all questions and shipping info were laid out on the table before payment.
- ArisaCliche (Buyer)
Neutral (03/25/21) Akane & Alois Mint Tea OP 2012 Taobao in Ivory 03/25/21
Came in perfect condition and seller was super duper nice and always checked up with me! Thank you very much!
- (Buyer)
Positive (03/12/21) MAM 2002 Gorgeous OP in black x white | Maxicimam, Old School, solid 03/12/21
Really nice seller, I am super happy with my purchases! Thank you so much! <3
- hashigami (Buyer)
Positive (03/04/21) AP 2008 Dot Ribbon Through Cardigan in pink | Angelic Pretty, Dots, Glitter 03/04/21
Really nice seller, I am super happy with my purchases! Thank you so much! <3
- hashigami (Buyer)
Positive (03/04/21) Reserved For hashigami 03/04/21
All in all a positive experience. Contact was always friendly and the dress arrived as described. Initially, the detachable bow was missing, but the seller found it and sent it to me with no additional postage charge which was very nice. However, I do have to mention that both the messages and the actual shipping were rather slow. I understand the situation is not great for anyone right now and I'm okay with shipping taking longer, but sometimes I felt a little left in the dark (especially before I received the dress). All things considered it is still a positive rating from me: I received the dress in the same condition promised in the listing.
- Antoinette (Buyer)
Positive (03/03/21) Cornet 2009(?) Side-Button Sailor Collar OP in white x navy | Shotgun wedding, short sleeve 03/03/21
Overall, very happy with purchase. My order arrived with me today! Order took roughly 6 weeks from dispatch (which was delayed for Brexit reason over Christmas) Thank you!
- MelonSodaa (Buyer)
Positive (02/27/21) AP 2012 Dream Round Macaron Ring in pink x mint | Angelic Pretty, Sweets 02/27/21
Seller was kind enough to ship from the EU to the US, despite current circumstances, which I really appreciate! Communication was great. Thank you!
- Giswoo (Buyer)
Positive (02/24/21) Btssb Milk-chan Tissue Box Cover in pink | Baby the stars shine bright, Usakyuma 02/24/21
very kind seller!She gave me these blouses I have been searching for a long time. Thank you very much
- Hinata Hinata (Buyer)
Positive (02/22/21) AP 2010 Sugar Topping Blouse in white | Angelic Pretty, Short sleeve 02/22/21
I purchased this bag from the seller on 12/30/2020, and received it today, 19/02/2021, even though we are both in Europe. Overall, there is no issue with the bag, came exactly as described, and was packaged quite nicely and carefully. I feel really bad typing this, and I’m really sorry to say, but I would avoid buying from this seller again. They were very nice and friendly in messages, but the communication was really slow and very worrying - a lot of the time I was contemplating if I got scammed and if I should do a paypal chargeback, but I decided against it since other feedback said they DID eventually get their item. A lot of the time, my messages inquiring about the item and if the seller was okay/able to ship it out, resulted in me having to send multiple messages as they remained on “unread” for a few weeks, which was very worrying for me. I really appreciate the seller reserving the bag for me after someone else had bought it as I had messaged them before it was bought inquiring about it, it was very nice of them to do as I had been looking for this bag for a long while. Again, I do feel really bad for writing this, and I’m very sorry to do so. The seller was very nice when they did reply, but the issue was that it took very long for them to do so, and I was more so left worrying about the seller’s health, and as to why they weren't replying to me. I realise this is unprofessional for me to say as a buyer, but if they could’ve told me what was going on, I would’ve been a lot less worried, as I understand there is a human being with their own life on the other end. At this point in time, they have still not read my message as to when I was asking if the tracking seems to be broken, as it was not updating. Thank you anyways, I do really adore the bag itself.
- myokii (Buyer)
Neutral (02/19/21) [Reserved, please do not buy]AP Love Heart Logo Bag in wine | Angelic Pretty 02/19/21
Nice seller, item as described, thank you!
- SnowPriestess (Buyer)
Positive (02/15/21) AP Jewelry Ribbon Boston Bag in pink | Angelic Pretty, Bow, pearl, crystal 02/15/21
The item was described as ”very good” but arrived with several pulls and holes in the lace.
- Jellika (Buyer)
Negative (02/08/21) [FREE SHIPPING] BPN Glitter / Black Peace Now Hakuei Collaboration Butterfly Embroidered Lace Puff A-Line OP 02/08/21
Item just as described and priced very reasonably. Really lovely, thank you !
- bunbunbunbun (Buyer)
Positive (02/08/21) Btssb 2006 Sweet Check Print Mini Boston Bag in white | Cherry, Strawberry, Ribbon, Flower, Old School 02/08/21
The dress is beautiful, exactly as described and in immaculate condition for its age! Was packaged well and reached me relatively quickly. The seller took a while to ship out the item, but warned me in advance that their post office was closed for the holidays and responded to my messages whenever I requested an update, so it was understandable and I didn't mind waiting.
- poupeeinfernale (Buyer)
Positive (02/07/21) IW 2003 Spade and Clover JSK in wine | Innocent World, velvet, velveteen, old school, cards, shirring 02/07/21
The dress is in beautiful condition, and I paid a very affordable price! There was a slight issue with postage but the seller gave me an extra accessory to make up for it. The seller was maybe not the quickest to respond to messages but they did explain everything in the end, and it is quite understandable at the moment for things to be a little slow. Overall a good experience! Thank you!
- Ren-Cute (Buyer)
Positive (02/04/21) IW 2008 Noble JSK in pink | Innocent World, lace, ribbon, bow, old school, solid 02/04/21
Headbow came in excellent condition and as described, would absolutely buy from this seller again. Thank you! :)
- meganletti (Buyer)
Positive (02/04/21) AP 2010 Jewelry Jelly Head Bow in mint | Angelic Pretty, Headbow 02/04/21